Kirsten Squarcia, Thanks, please respond to this email for sure. Why Mayor Steve Scharf can post his 300 word biography but I can not post my 300 word biography. Make sure to answer this question on Monday Nov 23, 2020.

Kirsten Squarcia, Thanks, please respond to this email for sure. Why Mayor Steve Scharf can post his 300 word biography but I can not post my 300 word biography. Make sure to answer this question on Monday Nov 23, 2020.

Dear Kirsten Squarcia:
Please ask City Attorney and City Manager Debro Feng to answer this questions on Nov 23, 2020 Monday and prepare for next Cupertino City Council Meeting.
  1. Why did Mayor of City of Cupertino can post his 300 word biography, Why was Charlene Shulien Lee, a female Asia American was unable to post her 300 word biography.  Is any race and sex discrimination at 2020 election?
  2. Monta Vista HIgh is a public school.  Whether the winnder Hung Wei used taxpayer Money to abuse three youths including three editors of El Estoque Monta Vista High School to help Hung Wei to win the election of 2020?
  3. What role is in the Fremont Union High School at this election in Cupertino City?  Can you ask Hung Wei to say sorry to three editors of Monta Vista High and say sorry to all residents of Cupertino about her abusing three editors of El Estoque?
  4. Su Jan Chuang is not a registered votor.  But she told me she voted by Nov 3rd, 2020.  She is the boss of Elegant Hair Salon at De Anza Blvd and Mcclenan Hair Salon.  This Election in 2020 has involved in Election Fraud/Voter fraud.
  5. Why did lawn signs of Cupertino City Council needed to smaller than other cities like City of San Jose, Sunnyvale and City of Mountain Views?  Which year to set up these standards and the names of Cupertino City Council who set up these rules?
  6. How many lawn have been kept at City of Cupertino for all candidates of City of Cupertino? What are their names?  How many for each of them?  How do City of Cupertino Government helps candidates to find out all lawn signs or find at least half of them.
  7. What altitude of Captain Rich Urena about finding these lawn signs?  Who cut the lawn signs into piece.  Why did Captain Rich Urena reject to make police reports about the lost of lawn signs.
  8. Whether some money into City of Cupertino from China to help Steve Scharff and Kitty Moore to win this election.  The size of Lawn Signs should be smaller than 4 square feet.  But I saw some Chinese Americans from China waved flags bigger than 4″ feet.
  9. I did call Jeff, Code enforcer of Cupertino City of Cupertino for several times.  When can Jeff, Gulu Sakharani and Albert Salvador return all my lawn signs?  Can Jeff, Gulu Sakharani, Albert Salvador and Captain Rich Urena to return all lawn signs to me and find
  10. ……out all lawn signs stolen by some people who on purpose ruin these election 2020.  What rules can we set in the future to set up penalty or jail times for people who steal lawn signs and damage lawn signs on purpose?
  11. I was arrested after I did not win the election in 2020 and put into jails for many times and many days.  Whether did City of Cupertino abuse candidates of Cupertino?  Can City of Cupertino post all videos about my being arrested and put into jails?
  12. ………. What reason to arrest me and lock me into Main Jail in San Jose and Elmwood Correction Center for several days?
  13. What organization of Chinese Americans have to use President Xi Jin Ping’s money to help Steve Scharff and Kitty Morre?  Can Cupertino City Government investigate how these Chinese Americans used WECHAT to connect together among Chinese Americans.
  14. Captain Rich Unrina should show up at next City Council.  We should put some cases into next City Council.  All City Council members can not reject to put any residents’ viewpoints into City Council Agenda.  City Council Agenda needed to immediately put into Agenda  of City Council.  Mayor, Vice Mayor and any City Council Member can not reject any resident of Cupertino shows up and talk in oral comment.
  15. City Government of Cupertino needs immediately connect to Monta Vista High School and Fremont Union High School to get all videos, forms about trespassing case, Stalking cases of Albert Yang, now a UC Santa Barbara Student, Mallika Singh, now a junior Student of USC, Ruth Feng, former Principal April Scott, Graham Clark, Assembly Member Evan Low, County Supervisor Joe Simitian …etc all government officials related to Albert Yang cases and Charlene Lee cases need to come to
  16.  City Manager Debro Feng and Mayor Steve Scharff and all City Council members of Cupertino need to to submit evidences, photos or videos about true homeless who really lives at the tiny tent next to Apple Campus.  What are their names and their stories.
  17.  Captain Rich Urena should come to next City Council Meeting to reveal all photos, Videos about Candidate Charlene  Shulien Lee including photos and Videos on Oct 9, 2017, Oct 11, 2017, Oct 18, 2017 Feb 18, 2020, and some photos or videos at Candidate of Cupertino City Council at 888 Candlewood Dr, Cupertino and at 1601 South De Anza Blvd, Cupertino  ….in Nov, 2020.
  18. Captain Rich Urena should set up methods of catching the thieves who stole my 1,100 lawn signs. The boss of 76 Gas Station did see two person with a truck to pick up dozen of Lawn signs without my permission.  Captian Rich Urena has responsibility to find out all 1,100 lawn signs for me.
  19. About the fraud on Mayor Election on Dec 3rd, 2019, City Manager Debro Feng needed to write a declaration to state what reasons to postpone Mayoral Election into Dec 3rd, 2019?  Why Debro Feng did not send a letter to all residents of Cupertino?
  20. What reason did Debro Feng not use facebook to inform all residents about the change of Mayoral Date?  City Council John Willey should write a declaration about why did he made a proposal to elect Steve Scharff again when I made many proposal to recall Mayor Steve Schaff and many City Council Meeting in 2019?  Liang Chao needs to write a declaration about why was she on purpose late for 2019 Mayoral Election on Dec 3rd, 2019.
  21. City Council needs to publish all information about Sand Hill Property in Main Street, Vallco, Cupertino Villages…………. City of Cupertino needs to publish all lands owned by Apple……..What reasons to build another building in front of Juniper Hotel?
  22.  What reason to tear down the wine restaurant of Cupertino Village to build a new Hotel there when we can not find parking space in Cupertino Village.
  23. Sheriff Loiue Smith and Captain Rich Urena need to come to City Council Meeting in City of Cupertino.  What reason did Captain Rich Urena and Sheriff Louie Smith to come to my Cupertino house to kick me to Main Jail and Elmwood Correction Center?
  24.  I saw a 24-year-old black woman being abused on Nov 20, 2020 at first floor of Main Jail in San Jose.  Can we find out her name and address.  I saw five  jail sheriffs press her waists to abuse her. We need to find out her name and five Sherrif Offiers’ names.
  25.  ……. We need to immediately pause their jobs at Santa Clara County Sheriff Office.
  26. A fake homeless nest to Apple Campus used a big stone to smash my Lexus car at 2: 12 am to smash my car.  Why did Captain Rich Urena reject to arrest him?
  27. A fake homeless issued death threat to me: Why did Captain Rich Ureana reject to arrest him?
  28. Some people cut my lawn signs, why did Captain Rich Ureana reject to arrest them?
  29. Former Principal April Scott and Assistant Principal Andrew Goldenkranz made four former students of Monta Vista High were sued.  All of them need to hire attorneys right now. All Principal or former Principal of Monta Vista High need to show up in next Zoom meeting to apologies for these editors who were sued and will be sued on the next city council meeting of City of Cupertino.
  30. Judge Jerome Nadler has involved in fabricating a fake Restrain Order among Lana Shew, Erhuang Yang, Albert Yang and me.  On Dec 28, 2017, retired Judge Jerome Nadler did not issue any restrain on Dec 28, 2017.  Erhuang Yang and Lana Show filed a Civil Harassment case in Dec , 2017 but the court date was Feb 28, 2018.  I was jailed at Elmwood Correction Center on Feb 28, 2018 I did show up at Civil Harassment Court on Feb 28, 2018, Ehuang Yang, Lana Shew and Albert Yang did not show up on Feb 28, 2018 Court at Santa Clara County Superior  Court.  So there was no any retrain order issued on Feb 28, 2020.  Any Court Document need to be served to the defendant. Otherwise it’s a ineffective order.  I need City government of Cupertino, Captian Rich Urena and Sheriff Lourie Smith to show up at next City Council Zoom Meeting.  They need to be full prepared these questions by Candidate Cupertino City Council Charlene Shulien Lee.
  31. Senti Bekcer was raped by Cops of Santa Clara County Sheriff Office.  Assembly Member Evan Low did state he has seen my political statement.  So on next zoom meeting at City of Cupertino, we need to invite Evan Low to talk something about Senti Becker’s case.
  32. I want to find out all names of at Main Jail in San Jose who rejected to let me have water, rejected to let me use phone to inform my friend and rejected to let me use phone to call Bail bond companies.  I want all All Psychiatrists involved in this arrests and imprison. I need to get their names to do further investigation.  I want to know how many people voted in this election in Cupertino.  We need to recount and need to revote again.  I will send some letters to Mr. Warren Buffett, Mr. Samuel Yin, Mr. Terry Kuo, Mr. Joe Tsai, Mr. Jenson Huang and Mr. President Donald Trump to investigate all of these cases.
Charlene Shulien Lee
Candidate of Cupertino City Council
President of Taiwan West Today USA in Cupertino
Nov 22, 2020

From: Kirsten Squarcia <>
Sent: Friday, November 20, 2020 8:16 PM
To: charlene lee <>
Subject: RE: Kirsten Squarcia, We try to speak in oral comment at last night’s city council meeting at 6: 45. But we can not find code to join the Cupertino City Council Meeting on Nov 17, 2020 at 6: 45. Please forward information about how to join the Cupertino

Hello Charlene – the webinar link to join meetings online and by phone are detailed in the published meeting agendas. The next meeting is December 1 and the agenda for that meeting will be published next Wednesday. The link and Webinar ID are different for each meeting. The specific webinar info for the Nov 19 meeting agenda looked like this:



Kirsten Squarcia​
City Clerk
City Manager’s Office
(408) 777-3225

From: charlene lee <>
Sent: Wednesday, November 18, 2020 6:34 AM
To: Kirsten Squarcia <>; Oliver Zhang <>; !.曾達夢  yonglin <>;; Info <>; Lun & Associates <>; Richard Richardson <>; 台灣啟示錄 <>;; Chih-Lung lin <>; randy leo <>; Mark Lin <>;; Meiling Chang <>; Brian Babcock <>;; apple <>;; Meiling Chang <>;; Matthew Hsieh <>; matt coach <>;; yingming sister <>; chaowen chen <>;; Helen; Edward Mar <>; Sophia Mar <>;
Subject: Kirsten Squarcia, We try to speak in oral comment at last night’s city council meeting at 6: 45. But we can not find code to join the Cupertino City Council Meeting on Nov 17, 2020 at 6: 45. Please forward information about how to join the Cupertino Cit


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Kirsten Squarcia:


We tried to talk in the oral comments at Cupertino City Council on Nov 17, 2020 at 6: 45.  But we can not find code to join the meeting.


So can you send me some information about how to attend next Cupertino City Council Meeting?


City Attorney of Cupertino City has never talked about why Mayor Steve Scharf can post his 300 word biography but Asia Female candidate can not post 300 word biography.


Monta Vista High, Fremont Union High School, former Principal April Scott, Assistant Principal Andrew Goldenkranz, Mallika Singh, Ruth Feng, OM and Albert Yang, five former students of Monta Vist High have been sued.  How could Hung Wei


forced Nika Zamania, Devine Gupta and another 15 year old student of Monta Vista High to write articles at El Estoque to criticize non democratic candidate?


Charlene Shulien Lee


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