All proposals by Democratic Party are not good for Asia Americans.

All proposals by Democratic Party are not good for Asia Americans.

All proposals by Democratic Party are not good for Asia Americans. So Asia Americans should not support Democratic Party. If passing ACA5, Asia Americans will be difficult to get admissions of UC. California Governors assigned bad judges to treat Asia Americans very bad. There are serious racial injustice in Court. Asia Americans will be used PC 1368 to deprive the rights of Jury trials. Cops treat Asia Americans worse than Black people. But nobody heard our voices. Democratic former Governor Jerry Brown assigned a bitch Evette Pennypacker to be the judge of Hall of Justice at 190 West Hedding Street, San Jose, California. Bitch Evette Pennypacker is a criminal. Judge Evette Pennypacker has involved in falsifying Court Record on Nov 22, 2019. There were two Court Papers, one shows that Court was held and one was off Calendar.


We need President Donald Trump to send people to investigate Hall of Justice in California. These corrupt Judges have made too many crimes in this Hall of Corruption in San Jose. Democratic Party does not know how to do good jobs in California. Governor Newson assigned DA Johnny Gogogo as Judge of Santa Clara County Superior Court. But DA Johnny Gogogo is a very bad DA and can not provide any compact Disk and evidence about my cases. These Judges have long terms encourage police to fabricate stories in Police reports. Asia Americans support Black Lives Matter, white lives matter, and yellow lives matter. Mayor of Fremont should listen to our voices to defund the police and defund the Judges and defund the District Attorneys. .

US Universities should not help President Xi Jing Ping to help Chinese students to get better educations unless China admits Taiwan and China are two nations. UC’s tuitions are still too expensive for most black Americans and all residents of California. I oppose ACA 5. Reject Chinese students to use tax payors money to get education in UC Systems. We should let black students, white students and Asia Americans have more chances to study in UC. Now ugly Judges in the United States have caused too many homeless.


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