Letter to Mr. Buffett on Oct 6th, 2020

Letter to Mr. Buffett on Oct 6th, 2020

Oct 6th 2020
Dear Mr. Buffett:

Candidates running for Cupertino City Council

Cupertino City HallNika Zamani and Devin Gupta

September 22, 2020

Meet Joseph Fruen, Kitty Moore, Steven Scharf and Hung Wei:

At this article on Sept 22, 2020 written by Nika Zamani and Davin Gupta, these two students of Monta Vista High did not state Meet Charlene Shulien Lee. They lied thy tried to contact me but I have never responded to them.

But according to the records of my cell phone, emails or my mailboxes, they have never contacted me and they lied in this article again.  Previous two articles caused me to be in jail for one year..

Dear Ms. Hawk and Mr. Buffett:

Three, years ago, four students of Monta Vista High posted two articles at school’s magazine El Estoque of Monta Vista High targeting Samsung VP’s wife Charlene Lee on Oct 10, 2017 and Oct 18, 2017 to cause me wrongly imprison for one year.

Woman with Poster makes accusation against student’s father, El Estoque, Monta Vista High Oct 10, 2017

Letter to Editors, El Estoque, Monta Vista High Oct 18, 2017

Now Monta Vista High School used another two students to lie at El Estoque, school magazine of Monta Vista High on Sep 22, 2020.

This school have been using these students under 18 year old to commit fraud.

Judges conspired with DA, Public Defenders, Lawyers, Nurses of Valley Hospital, etc to abuse me in jails and in Court.

Mr. Buffett, I need you to reveal to journalists and find attorneys for me to let me seek justice.

If not then I need you to talk to Mr. Donald Trump.  These Judges, Court Psychologists, DAs, Public Defenders, Attorneys, Nurses of Valley Hospital, Court Clerks and Attorney General Xavier Acala or even Vice President Candidate Kamela Harris need to be investigated.

China Government did not jail the wife of Alibaba’s Vice President for one year.  So US Government can not jail the wife of Samsung Vice President for one year.

Charlene Shulien Lee

Candidate of Cupertino City Council


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