About Me

About Me

I am Charlene Lee. I came from Taiwan. I received Bachelor degree from Chengchi Univerversity in Taiwan in1988. My major was Business Administration. my score can let me major in law, Society major or library management in Taiwan University. But I finally chose to major in Business Administration. After graduation, I worked as an investment Assistant at Chase Manhattan Bank in Taipei, Taiwan. My boss was a Cocation, Vice President, graduated from Harvard University. Then I worked at American Express bank in Taipei, Taiwan.

In 1991, I went to Yale University to study at School of Organization and Management. My major was public and private management. I received my master degeree at Yale University in 1993.

After graduation, I worked as a financial Analyst in a Chinese based company in Manhattan, New York when I can stay for one year in the United States for one year practical training. .

From 1994 to 1997, I worked in a Chimerical Bank in Taiwan. I married to my husband in 1997 and moved to Milpitas, California. I met my husband at Yale University. He received PHD at Yale in Computer Science. I worked as a financial manager in a private company after I moved to the United States. Then I worked for a non profit organization. Then I become a chairman of a nonprofit organization.

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