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Monta Vista High School forced two students to lie at El Esqtoque on Sept 22, 2020 about comments of candidates running for Cupertino City Council. Three years ago, Principal April Scott and Assistant Principal Andrew Goldenkranz forced four students to lie at El Estoque to cause Samsung VP’s wife in Jail for one year. This School is harming students’ careers and abuse students.

On Nov. 3, Cupertino residents will vote in the municipal general election for their City Council members. Among the many prevalent issues this year, candidates will debate two main issues: housing and transportation. Every eight years, the California state legislature assigns each city a minimum amount of required housing, called the Regional Housing Needs Assessment […]

Why does Democratic Party teach these youth to tell lies?

Oct 5 Zoom forum with Chamber of Commerce, Oct 12, Zoom forum with League of Women Voters in Cupertino and Sunnyvale. I kept mentioning these students and my one year jail but no medias talked about that. People are so afraid of these cops and Judges. Nobody cares about Nazi government in California. Although we […]

Why did most land at wolfe road in Cupertino were owned by Sand Hill Property company?

Now another hotel was planed at Cupertino Village at the space of Wine bar Restaurant in Cupertino Village. Jan 2020 new owner. Can You post something today about this topic. Sand Hill Property and 2019 and 2020 election fraud, some relationships. Sand Hill and its principal and founder Peter Pau have poured a lot of […]