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Election fraud in 2020 in City of Cupertino. and Billionaires Samuel Yin, Terry Guo, and Jeson Huang NVIDIA are good friends of my husband and I. Tim Cook complained about the homeless issue to our friends: The mayor and all the city council members have been ruining Cupertino. According to the agenda, the mayor election should have been held in November, […]

Open Letter to Mr Bill Gates, Mr. Tim Cook, Mr. Mark Zuckerburg

Dear Mr. Bill Gates, Mr. Tim Cook and Mr. Mark Zuckerburg, journalists and residents of Cupertino: Mr. Bill Gates, as a most famous billionaires in the wholewide word and a Harvard graduate,  your comment on opposing US not selling chips to China is so selfish and misleading.  I need to condemn on your silly talking […]

Why was City Manager Debro Feng being dishonest? City Manager Debro Feng, please respond!

The City of Cupertino was invited to attend a Zoom Meeting so we may ask questions and voice our opinions. The date was September 17, 2020. The City Manager Debro Feng rejected to have Captain Rich Ureana answered a question of mine. All staff of Cupertino City Government joining the Zoom Meeting on September 17, […]