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President Michael Drake and Chancellor Henry Yang Of UC Santa Barbara are incompitent and can not refuse to respond the letters I have written to them, otherwise I will file law suits against Michael Drake and Henry Yang.

The new UC President Michael Drake along with current Chancellor Henry Yang of UC Santa Barbara are incompetent failures. I have written several letters to President Michael Drake to investigate the case of Albert Yang and his Mom who lied by saying I issued a death threat to Albert Yang.  UC President Michael Drake and Chancellor Henry […]

Charlene Lee will file law suits against Abdullah Memon’s parents , an editor of El Estoque, Monta Vista High, along with Principal Ben and Fremont Union High School District Candidate running for Cupertino City Council Sept 22, 2020 El Estoque Monta Vista High


Judges and police in the United States are the people who needs to do psychology test every year. According to the Research from Taiwan West Today USA Organization in Cupertino.

According to the research of Taiwan West Today USA Organization in Cupertino, half of the Judges at criminal courts in California  have Mental Illness and like to pretend they can not read English Reports.  They do conspire with Court Psychology’s, District Attorneys, Court Clerks, Public Defenders, Jail’ Psychologists, County Hospitals’ Psychologists, Court Clerks and Attorneys […]

I have requested Taco Bell to return my lawn signs but Taco Bell has rejected to return them and kept my personal property. I will sue Taco Bell at Bollinger an De Anza Blvd. and reject to eat any Taco Bell from this restaurant.

Metro Local Newspaper is the only media group which has ever contacted to me.  Mercury News and El Estoque, School Magazine have never contacted me and made fake news and defame me.  I will file law suits against Mercury News and all editors’ parents of El Estoque, Monta Vista High ASAP.

The journalists of Metro Newspapers are very professional, friendly,  with moral, care about community very much, equal,  and ask candidates opinions fully and unbiased.  I recommend Metro Newspaper to all and respect their Professional in Journalism. About a former student of Monta Vista High  Singh, who is studying Journal program in USC. I am discussing […]

I have bought Chinese advertisements from Epoch Times, World Journal and Sindao Daily Chinese Newspaper and Sindao Radio since Feb 2020. Mercury’s news lie I am not a serious candidate. Mercury News rejected me to spend 16,500 to buy full page advertisement from Mercury News. Mercury News have never contacted me but Lied that I did not respond to them. El Estqoue of Monta Vista High lied taht they contacted me but I rejected to respond to them. I will sue Principal Ben , Monta Vista High, Editors’ parents and Fremont Union High school district and sue Mercury news in the near future.

Mercury News By MERCURY NEWS EDITORIAL BOARD | Mercury News PUBLISHED: September 16, 2020 at 6:15 a.m. | UPDATED: September 18, 2020 at 9:09 a.m.

Election 2020: Cupertino City Council elections could could tilt anti-development focus

The Business Journals By Jody Meacham  – Reporter, Silicon Valley Business Journal Oct 12, 2020, 6:35am PDT Updated Oct 12, 2020, 7:18am PDT Two seats of the five on Cupertino’s City Council — perhaps the fiercest legislative body in Santa Clara County — are on November’s ballot and the issues involve whether and how fast the suburban community of 60,000 […]

Monta Vista High student editor wrote false article and stated I am a mock candidate; I want to talk this student’s parents and hold them accountable.

These youth  needs to be responsible for what they said since I will sue this students’ parents.   Then try to criticize Assembly Member Evan Low:  Evan Low made a proposal to reduce the age to 16 or 17 but these youth can be used by democratic and give them 2,500 scholarship then they can […]

Cupertino Council Contenders Draw Fire for NIMBY Hot Takes

By The Fly/ September 9, 2020 Between its storied legal fight against denser development and outrageous comments from community leaders about the perils of urbanization, it’s safe to say that Cupertino has become the NIMBY Capital of Silicon Valley. Mayor Steven Scharf went viral in early 2019 after jokingly taking a page from President  Donald Trump, saying he wanted to build a […]