Chancellor Carol Christ, Please kick Chetana Ramaiyer out of Computer Science Program of UC Berkley as soon as possible.

Chancellor Carol Christ, Please kick Chetana Ramaiyer out of Computer Science Program of UC Berkley as soon as possible.

Dear Chancellor Carol Christ of UC Berkley:
I have sent some emails to you since Oct 22, 2020.  It’s shameless that UC Chancellor Carol Christ has not kick Chetana Ramaiyer out of UC Berkley Program.   When Chetana Ramaiyer wrote this article ” Sports Flash”, El Estqoue, Monta Vista High School,
I was jailed at Elmwood Correction Center due to the article ” Woman with Poster Makes Accusation against  Student’s father”.  Chetana Ramaiyer committed fraud to get admission from UC Berkley Computer Science Program after graduation from Monta Vista High,
Cupertino, California.  Now UCs have full of shameless Chancellors who receive high salaries but reject to investigate these bitches educated by Monta Vista High School and UCs.
Charlene Shulien Lee
Candidate of Cupertino City Council
President of Taiwan West Today USA in Cupertino
Nov 24, 2020

Sports Flash


Chetana Ramaiyer
April 13, 2018


Look through the images below for information about four spring sports. This was featured in the Sports Flash page of the January 2018 El Estoque print magazine.

From: Chancellor Departmental <>
Sent: Thursday, October 22, 2020 11:36 AM
To: charlene lee <>
Subject: Re: Chancellor Carol Christ, Can you call me at 408-896-7209. It’s about Chetana Ramaiyer, graduated from Monta Vista High. Chetana Ramaiyer is a criminal. I need to discuss this issue with you.

Dear Charlene Lee,
On behalf of Chancellor Christ, thank you for your important email. The most appropriate place to share this information is the Center for Student Conduct (CSC).  The CSC is the Office responsible for adjudicating alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct .  You can report this information on their online reporting form available here. The Center for Student Conduct will review the information and determine appropriate next steps. Due to Federal privacy law and University policy, we cannot disclose information about student records, or any action the University may take.
Thank you,
Chancellor’s Office 
On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 7:51 AM charlene lee <> wrote:
Dear Ms. Carol Folt:
I am a candidate of Cupertino City Council.  My name is Charlene Shulien Lee.
A junior student of UC Berkley, Chetana Ramaiyer, Computer Sciense has invovled in commiting fraud at an article posting in Oct 10, 2017, El Estoque, Monta Vista High School.  This article caused me to be in jail for one year.
At that time, my husband is a Vice President of Samsung.
Charlene Shulien Lee

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