Charlene please check, final draft

Charlene please check, final draft

Edit 1:

Even if Kamira Harris becomes the next Vice President of the United States, President of Taiwan West Today USA Organization Charlene Lee will still accuse Kamira Harris and current Attorney General Xavier Becerra of falsely imprisoning substantial numbers of Asian Americans.


Edit 2:



I have notice many Chinese Americans from China in Cupertino put signs on their lawns for Mayor Steve Scharf. These Chinese Americans use WeChat to conspire together. China’s Xi Jing Ping has used his Chinese journalists and TV workers to wage war against Taiwan. Now these Chinese Americans in Cupertino know Steve Scharff is a very corrupt Mayor and has caused Cupertino become a very dirty, crowded, and unsafe city. These Chinese Americans from China insist on harming and ruining the City of Cupertino and Mayor Scharff is complicit. These same Chinese Americans sued US President Trump but they refuse to go back to China to file suit against China’s Xi Jing Ping and the communists party to reject the use Google and Facebook. So what do these Chinese Americans in Cupertino to do with beautiful Cupertino?  They want to worsen our living conditions am I right?


Go back to China to use WECHAT. 

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