How much do we need to pay

How much do we need to pay

How much do we need to pay for make Wolfe Road of Cupertino City to be clean and safe? Judge Evette Pennypacker assigned by former Governor Newson has involved in falisfing Court record of Nov 22, 2019. Falisfying Court Record is a crime. City of Cupertino, City Manager Debro Feng and Mayor Steve Scharff respond to this question.

What is the reason to put a lot of homeless into Wolfe Street? Why did previous governor assigned Judge Javier Acala to us? Judge Javier Acala can not read English at all. District Attorney Johnny Gogo can not provide any evidence about jailing Samsung VP’s wife for one year.

Why did Governor Newson assigned the worst DA Johnny Gogo to be Judge Johnny Gogo? I did not see any homeless in City of Glendale and City of Burbank. I would like to ask Mayor of Cupertino Steve Scharff and Mayor of San Jose. Why do two mayors put so many homeless into street of Cupertino and Street of San Jose ?

US Judges have long terms conspired with Court Psychologists, District Attorneys, Public Defenders, Lawyers to cheat and fraud in Court.

These Judges are most serious issues. We need to take our Judges’ immunity. US Judges allege they can not read English and are unable to read any Court reports. These Judges are racists and need to be investigate and put them into jails. We need to recall more judges and defund the Judges.

Many judges in the United States are incompetent and should be lock in jails or State Hospitals. Judges of Hall of Justice have long term have serious racial injustice. I will run for City Council of Cupertino on Nov 3rd, 2020. Carlyle Varlack, if you want send me a letter please send by email first. I have never received any papers or letters in my mailbox from you. You keep lying and fraud and reject to provide any service.

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