After I was kicked out by my husband Chien Ping Lu, Police Officer REIHL Badge 2406 and many corrupt cops of Santa Clara County Sheriff Office from my house 888 Candlewood Dr, Cupertino on Nov 15, 2020. my husband Chien Ping Lu brougth some summer clothing and a summer blanket to me in the end of Nov 2020. Chien Ping Lu extent Restrain Order from Judge Carrie Zepeda on Dec 10, 2020 but this ugly judge Carrie Zeppeda did not let me show up in Court. Same as Judge Javier Acala on Court June 26, 2020 and Judge Peter Kirwin. These corrupt Judges of Santa Clara County need to have better way to remove them immediately or sent them to International Criminal Court of United Nations since all Presidents of the United States can not handle these issues of depriving our Civil Rights of Human rights of Ugly Judges in Courts.