Lawsuit against Ruth Feng, Chetana Raimayer, and Mallika Singh

Lawsuit against Ruth Feng, Chetana Raimayer, and Mallika Singh

From: charlene lee <>
Sent: Monday, November 9, 2020 1:49 AM
To: Cate, Matthew <>; !四.曾達夢 <>; 
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Subject: Re: Lawsuit against Ruth Feng, Chetana Raimayer, and Mallika Singh

So do you record what I said then How could  you proof I said that?  Why did these four students hire you to be attorneys?  Please proof what you said.  I am suing you right now to threaten me this week. You need to proof what you say.  No Wonder Ruth Feng and
her mom rejected to say sorry.  You have mental Illness I am suing you right now.  Ruth Feng, Mallika Singh, Chetana Raimayer wrote an article to cause me to be in jail for one year. Then do you mean they don’t need to say sorry.  I was telling her mom, if Ruth Feng said sorry to me, then I will dismiss the case. it’s OK.  I sue you first. You are Mattew Cate. I want you to proof what you said in Court. See you in court for your case.  You can find an attorney in your firm to represent you.  So do you represent Om or not. I will post this letter
into my Website  You ugly attorney Matthew Cate. It’s you to ruin Ruth Feng not me Charlene Shulien Lee.  Ruth Feng is not a girl any more.  You state I stay away from her.  Are you threatening me or not.  Get a restrain order.  I have never seen such stupid
attorney. Say ” stay away from her”  What do you mean?  You mean if I go to talk to her, what happen? Sick Attorney.  Attorneys mean liars in the United States. Attorney in Chinese mean 流氓, I am going to send US Vice President Candidate Kamela Harris to Human Right Unit of  United Nation soon.  Kamela Harris and Attorney General Xavier Becerra.  Now I want to ask you a question that ” Are you going to represent ” OM” or not?  You only mention three former students of Editors of El Estoque, Monta Vista High.
I am going to sue Nika Zamani, Devine Gupta and a 15 year old muslin student of Monta Vista High.  Are you goring to represent them all?  It’s good you can make a lot of money. Easy money for lying Attorney Mattew Cate.
Charlene Shulien Lee
Candidate of Cupertino City Council
President of Taiwan West Today USA Organization

From: Cate, Matthew <>
Sent: Sunday, November 8, 2020 6:05 PM
To: <>
Subject: Lawsuit against Ruth Feng, Chetana Raimayer, and Mallika Singh

Ms. Lee,


My firm represents Mallika Singh, Chetana Raimayer, and Ruth Feng in connection with the lawsuits you have filed against them in Santa Clara County Superior Court.


I understand that you visited Ms. Feng’s home Thursday evening, demanded to talk to her, and said you would “ruin” her when she declined to speak to you.


Please stay away from my clients and limit your dispute with them to the court proceedings. If you want to contact them about this case or anything else, do so through me.


I intend to be back in touch with you, hopefully later this week, about the merits of your lawsuit.



Matthew S.L. Cate
1909 K Street, NW, 12th Floor
Washington, DC 20006-1157
202.661.7698 direct
202.661.2299 fax

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