Since Sand Hill Property Main Street only put the lawn Signs of Hung Wei. So Hung Wei has obviously received bribe from Developer Sand Hill Property Mark Parker. There are four reasons that Charlene lee requests revote for Cupertino City Council.

Since Sand Hill Property Main Street only put the lawn Signs of Hung Wei. So Hung Wei has obviously received bribe from Developer Sand Hill Property Mark Parker. There are four reasons that Charlene lee requests revote for Cupertino City Council.

Topic :  request reelect Cupertino City Councils:  Racial Injustice, Bribery issues, 300 word Biography issue, lawn sign issue etc

From: charlene lee
Sent: Friday, November 6, 2020 5:17 AM
To: Kirsten Squarcia <>; Deborah L. Feng <>; <>; <>; Helen <>; !四.曾達夢 <>; yonglin <>; Lun & Associates <>; Richard Richardson <>; <>; Hung Wei <>; Joseph Fruen, Esq. <>; Steven Scharf <>; <>; <>; Info <>; <>; <>; ralph cohen <>; <>; Info <>; Matthew Hsieh <>; matt coach <>; Matthew Bly <>; <>; Info <>; <>; <>; <>; Edward Mar <>; STEPHANIE CLAIRE WANG <>; Steve Elich <>; Karen Poon <>; <>; san francisco fbi fbi <>; yuhsheng tsuei <>; Tsou Erica Tsung-Hwa 鄒宗華 <>; Tracey Edwards <>; Sam Chan <>; <>; Chih-Lung lin <>; Jennifer Wadsworth <>; Mark Lin <>; <>; Karen Poon <>; yingming sister <>; <>; <>; <>; san francisco fbi fbi <>; <>; <>; STEPHANIE CLAIRE WANG <>; <>; Richard Richardson <>; randy leo <>; 台灣啟示錄 <>; <>; Gulu Sakhrani <>; Albert Salvador, P.E. <>; Sam Chan <>; Pam Anderson <>; Cupertino Rotary <>; Mark E. Davis <>; Richard Richardson <>; <>; <>; ralph cohen <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; Jennifer Wadsworth <>; Emanuel Lee <>; <>; <>; Mark Lin <>; Meiling Chang <>; <>; <>
Subject: Since Sand Hill Property Main Street only put the lawn Signs of Hung Wei. So Hung Wei has obviously received bribe from Developer Sand Hill Property Mark Parker. There are four reasons that Charlene lee requests revote for Cupertino City Council.

Kirsten Squarcia and City Manager Debro Feng and Mayor Steve Scharf:
Kirten Squarcia told me the sizes of Lawn signs are smaller than other cities like Sunnyvale, San Jose and Mountian Views.  i have filed claims about election fraud this year and last year. So We need to wait for City Attorney to answer some questions first.
What reasons are the reason of Mayor Steve Scharf able to post his 300 word biography but Asia Candidate of Cupertino City Council Charlene Lee unable to post 300 word biography.  I still wait City Attorney of Cupertino City to respond to me.
Second, why the lawn signs size is 2 * 2 or smaller than 4 square feet?  I am waiting for Kirsten Squarcia to state the reason since San Jose City, mountian View and Sunnyale all can have very big signs.
Third< what reasons three editors of El Estoque, Monta Vista High lied at their comments about Candidates running for Cupertino City Council Sept 22, 2020 by Nika and Devine Gupta.  I have law suit against Fremont Union School District, Monta Vista High,
former Principal April Scott and former Assistant Principal April Scott, Ruth Feng, Mallik Singh, a junior student of USC, Om Khandekar, a junior student of U of Washinton, Albert Yang, a junior student of UC Santa Barbara, Chetmer Raiyer, a junior student of UC Berkley.
Addiotnally, Hung Wei has long term worked at Fremont Union School District. So I think Hung Wei ordered Devin Gupta, Nika and a 15 year old muslin student of Monta Vista High, El Estqoue to lie at El Estqoue, Monta Vista High.
Now Sand Hill Property Mark Parker put fake homeless into Wolfe Road near Apple Campus and near Vallco.  I have told City Manager Debro Feng to remove the only tiny tent with many shopping carts next to Apple Campus on my zoom meeting on Sept 21, 2020
at 3:00.  Addtionally City Manager Debro Feng did not answer why did she reject let Captain Rich Urena to answer my question.
Hung Wei has obviously abused her power at Fremont Union High School District to order these three editors of El Estqoque Monta Vista High to harm these three students’ careers.
Additionally at the Zoom Meeting on Sept 17, 2020 at 2:00, City Manager Debor Feng and staffs of City of Cupertino did not let candidates to know why reject to post development proposal at Vallco.
I need all City Manager Debro Feng, City Staffs to have Zoom Meeting again.
Monta Vista high ordered four eitors of Monta Vista High to lie I issued death threat to Albert Yang.  All former Principal April Scott, Assistant Principal Andrew Goldenkranz, Clark Grahham of Fremont Union School District all need to say sorry for me first.
Then, All current Principal Ben, and all students of Editors El Estoque needs to say sorry to me.
I have been to City Council meeting since Jan 2019, I have kept asking Mayor Steve Scharf and City Manager Debro to put my case into agenda to reveal the compact Disks to all.  But City Manger Debro Feng, Mayor Steve Scharf and all city Council kept rejecting to
invite Captain Rich Urena to be come to city Council Meeting.  Addtionally last year mayor Election should be in Nov 2019 according to Agenda of Dec 17, 2019 city Council meeting.  So we need to reelct Cupertino City Council again
There are serious racial injustice and party injustice.  I am not a member of democratic.  So Nika and Davine Gupta reject to let me talk at El Estqoue.  These two students of Monta Vista High have obviously received bribe from Kitty Moore and Huang Wei
So these two students only introduced four democratic Candidates. They lied they tried to contact me but I reject to contact them.
Tracy Edward of League of Women Voters in Cupertino and Sunnyvale on purpose wrote my website wrong.  She stated my Website was not Charlene Lee.
Mercury News stated they contacted me but I have never answered back.  So it’s possible Kitty Moore and Huang Wwei Bribe Mercuy News too.
Sindao Daily Chinese Newspaper also on purpose wrote My name is Shulien Lee not Charlene Shulien Lee so Huang Wei and Kitty Moor may bribe the reporter of Sindao Daily Chinese Newspaper too.
A 15 year old muslin student of Monta Vista High stated I am a Mock candidate.  He has not get diploma of High school students. I have visited many cities.  I have spent a lot of money in purchasing Lawn Signs and bought a lot of Chinese advertisement
since Mercuy News reject me to buy full page advertisement.  I need to have Mercury News to respond to me why Chief Editor of Mercuy News lied I am not a serious candidate and I have never respond to the reporter of Mecury News.
I need to ask City Attorney to answer many questions and issues from me.  We need to reelect Cupertino City Council again.
Captian Rich Urena needs to answer my questions with other four candidates.
On last year Mayor Election,  City Manager Debro Feng moved the election date from Nov 2019 to Dec 3rd 2019 without the permission of all residents of Cupertino.  City Manager Debro Feng did not use letters to send to all residents of Cupertino and did not order
Brian Communication Officer to use facebook to let residents of Cupertino know.  I request to see Mayor Steve Scharf for an appointment but Steve Scharff ordered cops to threat me at my house.  City Manager Debro Feng, City Attoreny and Kirsten need to answer all
questions from me and have another ballot so all residents of Cupertino can vote again,
Kirsten, please discuss this with Debro Feng and City Manager and Mayor Steve Scharf and all city Council of Cupertino to discuss these issues and prepare to revote again.
Additionally, why did Marker Parker stole my lawn signs and only put Hung Wei’s signs at Main Street. This is evidence Hung Wei received bribe from Mark Parker.
Hung Wei also received donation from reality company and from pluming companies.  She supports in building 2500 condos in Vallco with 12500 for low income people.  But to build 2500 condos, we need to consider whether there are enough parking space and won’t
won’t cause any traffic Jam.
The 15 year old Muslim student stated I should be dismissed.  He stated it’s not necessary to wider Wolfe Road and stated it’ s not fake Homeless. Then,  Debro Feng needs to provide evidence photos and videos to proof there are real homeless to live in only tiny
tent next to Apple.
I have dosens of videos and about one thousand photos to proof nobody lives in the only tiny tent next to Apple Campus Wolfe Road Cupertino.
Debro Feng needs to list all Homeless names and address  to let all residents to exam the honesty on what she said on Sept 21, 2020 3:00 Zoom Meeting with me.
Debro Feng, Kirsten and City Manager, how long do you need to show your evidences, photos and Vidoes to proof there is real homeless to sleep and cook at only one tent next to Apple Campus.
Charlene Shulien Lee
Candidate of Cupertino City Council

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