I received a master’s degree from Yale University. My husband is a former Vice President of Samsung.

I have worked in the field of International Private Banking, Investment Banking and Corporate Finance for more than ten years.

I have been President of Taiwan West Today USA Organization since 2014. Please visit and TaiwanWestT

We should move the homeless into the border of San Jose and Morgan Hill by working with some billionaires, CE Os, charities, California Governor, County Supervisors and Mayor of San Jose.

I will raise money to build homeless camps at that area and build a lot of houses for low income residents and the homeless. We need to widen Wolfe Road by two lanes.

The cops and Principal of Monta Vista High School forced four students to lie in the school magazine to wrongfully imprison me for one year.

Albert Yang of UC Santa Barbara caused the UC President to step down.

The documents I filed with the court were stolen by Google CEO Sundar Pichai. The cops raped Senti Becker in the Main Jail in San Jose.