Why does Democratic Party teach these youth to tell lies?

Why does Democratic Party teach these youth to tell lies?

Oct 5 Zoom forum with Chamber of Commerce, Oct 12, Zoom forum with League of Women Voters in Cupertino and Sunnyvale. I kept mentioning these students and my one year jail but no medias talked about that. People are so afraid of

these cops and Judges. Nobody cares about Nazi government in California. Although we all know they put fake Homeless peopople into Wolfe Road but I see so many people still put Steve Scharf ‘s lawn signs. League of Women voters in Cupertino and Sunnyvale has obviously abuses candidates for rejecting to let candidates have freedom of speech.

It’s our time to use our rights to recall all city councils in Cupertino. Nobody can put fake homeless into Wolfe Road. They are humiliating all residents of Cupertino. We need to unite together to stop Vallco Project. Wolfe Road was disigned 40 years ago for a small town.

No matter Apple Tim Cook or Sandhill Company Mark Parker use the land one north of 280 Wolfe Road and One south 280 south on the Wolfe Road. They don’t care the pains of Apple employees and residents of Cupertino. They put us into serious danger. They are ruining City of Cupertino.

(About the videos I would like to reveal on Sunday. I have sent many people into there plus myself. I have enough evidence and reasons to stop Vallco Project. As I said we need to wider Wolfe Road, kids need to have ice skating rink. We need to redesign Vallco.

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